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CYCLISTS: The USA Bike Tours Guide is the fastest and easiest bike tour directory on the Internet for finding cycling vacations available at state destinations in the United States. From the home page with only one click of the cursor (desktop, laptop), you can find a listing of tours provided by different tour operators at selected destination. When searching for cycling vacations available at state destinations in the USA, you'll be able to find tours much faster on the Bike Tours Guide than on any other bicycle tour directory on the Internet. In fact, you'll find tours available at favorite destinations much faster on this website than searching on search engines or Facebook! 

Tours Are Individually Listed

We list EACH bicycle tour that both commercial and non-commercial bike tour operators/providers list on the guide by destination. Each tour is linked to its web page on the provider's website where you get first-hand tour info directly from the provider. See the California Bike Tours Guide to see how tours are listed making it easy for you to quickly check out different tours available at favorite destinations. You don't have to browse through many different websites searching for tours available at selected destination. We've done the searching for you!​

Tours Listed By Type

Road bike tours (RB), bike and hike/walk tours (BH), multi-sport bike tours (MS), mountain bike tours (MB), bike and boat tours (BB), bike and bus tours (BS), cross-state bike tours (CS), cross-country bike tours (CC), trans-continental bike tours that go across North America (TC), and 1-2 day tripper bike tours (DT). 

Our Internet Networking Campaign

TOUR OPERATORS: By listing your tour(s) on the USA Bike Tours Guide you get to take advantage of our INTERNET NETWORKING campaign where cyclists can get access to them from 300+ web pages on 13 different websites on the Internet. BiosAdventures, the parent company, produces two Bike Tour Directories and 10 country/continental Bike Tour Guides. All websites and over 300 web pages are interlinked (blue buttons on bottom of page). To see how INTERNET NETWORKING works, click on buttons and see how cycle tourists can easily find a listing of tours available at favorite destinations, worldwide, from any of our websites. INTERNET NETWORKING is much quicker than googling on search engines or looking on Facebook for finding bike tours available at favorite destinations. It's a fact! 


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