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Tillamook Country Smoker

Pulled Pork Jerky

Fatman's Beef Jerky

Wine Country Jerky

Chicken Poulet Jerky

Buffalo Jerky

Black Pepper Beef Jerky

Cajun Beef Jerky

 Spicy Turkey Snack Sticks

Mango Habanero Beef Jerky

Breakfast Bacon Jerky

Old Trapper Jerky

 Turkey Breast Jerky

Smoked Venison Jerky

Sweet Chipotle Jerky

Chicken Shorty Jerky

Mountain Maple Pork Jerky

Country Archer Jerky

Smoked Salmon Jerky

Hi-Country Jerky
Mighty Organic Jerky
Jack Links Jerky

Bison Snack Jerky Sticks

Garlic Parmesan Beef Jerky

Blue Ox Jerky
Teriyaki Chicken Chips
Spicy Garlic Bomb Beef Jerky

Teriyaki Chicken Chips

Smokehouse Bayou Jerky
Ostrim Sports Nutrition Meat Snacks

Organic Grassfed Beef Jerky

Elk Jerky Sticks

Beer Jerky
Krave Beef Jerky

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Dried Meat (Jerky) is a brilliant source of protein which you need to repair muscles broken down by exercise. Jerky has been around since the stone age. Packaged in biker-friendly sealed bags jerky is ideal to carry in your riding packs and for tour operators to serve at rest stops on organized bike tours. It's a nutritious treat, especially when cycling on long distance road bike tours or backcountry mountain bike rides.

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Free-Range Turkey Snack Bites

Original Beef Sticks

Perky Jerky

Hoppjn' Jalapeno Jerky Sticks

Buffalo Jerky

New Primal Pork Sticks

Bourbon Beef Jerky

King Salmon Jerky
Sweetwood Beef Jerky
Chicken Poulet Jerky

Jalapeno Beef Jerky

 Beef Pemmican Bites Jerky

Korean BBQ Jerky


Barbecue Jerky Sticks

BBQ Mesquite Beef Jerky

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Old Trapper Jerky
Dick Stevens Jerky Trail Mix

Peppered Beef Jerky

Mesquite Turkey Jerky

Assortment of Jerky Sticks

Smoked Chipotle Jerky

 Maple BBQ Jerky Sticks

Sweet N'Spicy Buffalo Jerky

Mesquite Turkey Jerky
New Primal Pork Meet Sticks
Jalapeno Jerky
Black Pepper Beef Jerky
Hoppin Jalapeno Jerky Sticks
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Mountain America Elk Jerky
Jack Links Jerky
Bourbon Beef Jerky

Hot Mango Habanero Beef Jerky

Jack Links Jerky Beef Sticks
Buffalo Jerky
BBQ Maple Jerky Sticks

Beef and Ostrich Snack Sticks

Wicked Cutz Jerky
Hot Mango Habanero Beef Jerky

Ol' Mexico Beef Jerky

Jerky Trail Mix

Cherry Moonshine Beef Jerky

Elk Jerky

Spicy Garlic Bomb Beef Jerky

King Salmon Jerky

Elk Jerky Sticks
The Jerky Snack Shack
Duke's Jerky

Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

Oberto Jerky